Layla-Roxanne Hill

Layla-Roxanne Hill is a writer, author and trade unionist.

Layla-Roxanne Hill is a writer, author and trade unionist.

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COMMENT Justice for Sheku Bayoh can help begin the process of securing justice for all

SHEKU Tehjan Bayoh. His name speaks to rhythm familiar to some, but here in Scotland, not most of us. It takes a little more work for some of us to attune our ears to these vowels and consonants, which are taught here and there. Here, and there, we learn not to question a language of legislation, not to learn the languages of resistance. Some languages, though they are about us, aren’t

COMMENT Layla-Roxanne Hill: Why doesn't our media look like this?

THE media plays a huge role in all our lives as creators and consumers. The stories we write can impact long after publication and as creators of media – which includes those of us who use our voices on social media – we should try to ensure those who have the lived experiences of what we choose to report on are reflected.

Finding solidarity with the marginalised in Fortress Europe

EXITING the Channel Tunnel and arriving into mainland Europe is a sight which no photo app is able to filter into a social media post worthy of a love heart emoji. That must wait until the train rolls past miles of concrete walls, giant metal fences topped with coils of razor wire, gates and guards with guns.