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Comment Bella Caledonia: Songs that link to the past and help create strong future

IT has been a season of music up here in the north. Blas Festival – a celebration of the Highland language, music and culture – hosted gigs, events and ceilidhs in village halls from Aviemore to Barra, Strathy to Stornoway and Skye. We had a ceilidh in our local hall here up on the hill too. In defiance of the dark and the cold at the back end of the year, one of the most human things we can do is to gather together to enjoy music and song.

COMMENT How we can sow the seeds of a better food system ...

FOR so many in today’s world, there is an alarming disconnect between the food on our plates and how it got there. We know so little about where our food comes from and how it was produced. Since the 1950s, farming practices have shifted away from localised, traditional methods of food production towards mechanised industrial-scale chemical-intensive monocropping.

How a small Scottish isle proves that good ideas can take root

THIS month I was on the west coast for a first-time visit to sunny Isle Martin – a small uninhabited island north-west of Ullapool, closest of the Summer Isles. We were there to join the island’s Open Day festivities, celebrating 20 years of the island’s community ownership.

Mairi McFadyen: Here's what activism really means

THE story of land is fundamental to our past, present and future. With a renewed sense of urgency in the context of climate breakdown and a growing awareness of landed power and its malign influence over our democracy, the case for land reform is coming again to the fore.

There are many Scotlands – but let's stand apart from Brexit Britain

SCOTLAND’S future path is uncertain at the moment, but one thing is certain: the United Kingdom is broken beyond repair. It was a welcome antidote to the political farce of last week to join a gathering of researchers at an event organised by the Intercultural Research Centre at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh on Wednesday.