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comment Aileen Campbell: World Refugee Day has special significance this year

FOR 20 years, thousands of people from across Scotland have come together to show solidarity with refugees by celebrating the Refugee Festival Scotland and marking World Refugee Day. While we cannot physically gather together this year, it is as important as ever to show our support for people who have had to leave their homes and countries, often due to violence and war, in search of a place of safety.

Aileen Campbell: Scotland welcomes those who seek asylum

Scotland has a history of welcoming people who seek asylum on our shores – indeed we have led by example in integration and inclusion across Scotland, including those who have settled in every part of this country through the Syrian Resettlement Programme.

Politics and sport prove a winning combination for the United States

A DISPLAY of power and precision from the United States in Paris on Friday night ensured there would be one non-European side in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Two goals from Megan Rapinoe, who has been involved in a memorable spat with Donald Trump, helped her side to a 2-1 win over France.