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This is what the UK Budget means for growth – and its impact on Scots

THE pressure on the UK economy has not been as great since the financial crisis of 2008. The impact of a disorderly Brexit process was bad enough. Then came Covid-19. The challenge for policy-makers could barely be greater. The UK’s Central Bank is of course independent of Government. But they nonetheless acted on Budget day to provide practical and sentimental support for markets and the real economy in an impressive show of tacit co-ordination.

Comment Andrew Wilson: Three big rules to win big: discipline, truth, understanding

WRITING for this newspaper in the past year has afforded me an excellent opportunity to express my own perspectives on the issues of the moment but chiefly around the theme this paper is most devoted  to – winning Scotland’s independence. It is so important for the independence movement to have a newspaper like The National with the ability to balance the agendas of other outlets.