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The independence movement is like a plane full of travellers who have gathered on a common journey
'If the UK Government is so sure that a basic income is a bad idea, then it should prove it'
'Drug treatment and recovery support, funding, commissioning, diversion, employment, housing, mental and physical health, prevention, intervention and research, this report has recommendations for them all'
Jordi Sanchez, far left, and Jordi Turull, second from left, look to be in good spirits alongside the other prisoners in Lledoners prison
A safe injecting centre in Canada. Photograph: Steve Rolles/Transform
The most alarming thing is Westminster and Whitehall decide very little, if anything at all
Ronnie Cowan (left) with Clara Ponsati and SNP MP Gavin Newlands at a protest in Glasgow
Ronnie Cowan is the SNP MP for Inverclyde
SNP MP Ronnie Cowan at the Yes Inverclyde shop, which he opened in 2014
SNP MP Ronnie Cowan: Catalan prisoners could face a show trial