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Comment UK’s pick-and-mix approach will only lead to further drugs deaths

HAVING read Dame Carol Black’s Review Of Drugs Part Two several times now and having listened to her present and answer questions on the report, I find myself increasingly frustrated. Not at Dame Carol Black but within myself. The inadequacies of the existing system are laid bare for all to see within the report.

NATIONAL EXTRA Quim Torra's ban will only endanger talks on Catalan independence

THE Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that Quim Torra should be removed from his position as the democratically elected President of the Government of Catalonia. President Torra had served in this position since the 16th of May 2018. The court upheld the decision of a lower court that had found him guilty of disobedience. His alleged crime is that he did not remove banners and symbols from public buildings during last year’s general election campaign. The banners demanded “Freedom for political prisoners and exiles” and the symbols were the often used yellow ribbons synonymous with the release of prisoners around the world.

Comment Ronnie Cowan: This crisis is the final proof that everyone needs a basic income

DURING the Covid-19 outbreak the UK and Scottish Governments have been trying to safeguard the citizens of the UK and its constituent parts. Initially physical health and wellbeing was to the fore. Washing our hands and practising safe distancing were advised. Cleanliness and isolation were the two main tools to stop the spread. It soon became apparent that too much isolation was going to lead to mental health problems and so digital social networking was encouraged and interaction from a safe d