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All Under One Banner (AUOB) anti-nuclear weapons rally at the Faslane Royal Navy base, today, Saturday...  Photograph by Colin Mearns.28 August 2021..
Demonstrators gather for a march calling for the British parliament to welcome refugees in the UK in central London on September 17, 2016. .Thousands marched in central London calling on the British government to do more to help refugees fleeing conflict
Safety fears for residents over testing of new military drone
Corin Smith of Inside Scottish Salmon Feedlots questioned why Scottish salmon farms work to weaker environmental standards than their counterparts
in other countries
Torness Power Station...A strong police presence stopped 200 Scottish studens entering the Torness site...May 1980..pic: Duncan Dingsdale, Newsquest Media Group.
The latest round of fighting between Israel and Palestine has resulted in 244 deaths, with 232 of them Palestinian, including 65 children
Don’t Bank On The Bomb Scotland is campaigning for banks, universities, pension funds and public bodies to divest from companies involved in the production of nuclear weapons
Two people who campaigned against Jeremy Corbyn through opaque social media groups are now running Facebook campaigns targeting the SNP
Members of the Scottish Defence League during a demonstration in Edinburgh
Glasgow University has a total of £751,568 invested in companies linked to West Bank settlements.