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COMMENT How Jill Biden could be transformative in her role as First Lady

THE show must go on and American politics lived up to its billing. Democracy regrouped this week in the wake of the seditious storming of the Capitol Building. The US Presidential Inauguration was outstanding theatre in which the costumes alone deserved a standing ovation. But embedded in its story of democracy renewed was a quiet metaphor about the power of schooling.

Whisper it ... the mainstream press may be changing for the better

COMMENTING on the media has one glaring pitfall – it’s too easy to find fault. Last week, I argued on behalf of the new BBC Scotland television channel. This week I want to push optimism a stage further, and be positive about the beast that is clumsily referred to as the “mainstream media”.

That Hitler meme: how the face of evil came to pop up on our timelines

THERE is something strange yet mystifying about Adolf Hitler. Maybe it’s the paintbrush moustache and the slapped-down fringe, or the dark realisation that the face of evil can make us smile. I am a sucker for Hitler parodies and relish the daft art of online wit, when crude photo-shop turns a football manager or an attention-seeking politician into Adolf.