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comment Maggie Chapman: Obscure or not, Scotland’s links to the slave trade matter

WHAT links the Moray town of Forres with Kingston, Jamaica? This may seem a somewhat obscure question, but the answer is slavery, and that’s why it matters, obscure or not. As we seek to build a fairer and outward-looking Scotland, we must acknowledge not only the legacy of colonialism and slavery that is deeply entrenched in many aspects of our society, but also act to repair the damage that centuries of this oppression has caused others around the world.

NATIONAL EXTRA To Boris Johnson, coal mine closures aren't just a joke. They're his blueprint

EARLIER this week Liam Kerr, a Conservative MSP for the North East, accused Greens of wanting to put oil and gas workers out of their jobs. At the time I thought it absurd that a Tory was claiming to care about jobs or workers. After all, the whole point of Liam Kerr's Conservative Party is to support bosses and their interests against the wellbeing of workers. And of course, as Boris Johnson's mask slipped, we saw exactly what the Conservatives want: North Sea oil and gas workers to be sacrificed to an energy transition.