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Four top holiday destination ideas for 2019

THERE are almost 200 countries in the world today – that’s a lot of potential passport stamps to collect. For most of us though, it’s unlikely we’ll ever get around to crossing off even a fraction of the globe, which makes choosing where to go an important decision!

Go Greek and enjoy a warm winter welcome

IN the summer months, thousands of British holidaymakers flock to Greece, but up until recently very few would consider travelling there in winter. Yet milder temperatures and fewer crowds make visiting ancient sites a pleasure, and hiking routes more comfortable to navigate.

Florence is a melting pot of culture, art and amazing food

THE Renaissance city is calmer in autumn, but still buzzing with artistic activity. Proudly fanning their tail feathers, peacocks parade around the rims of ceramic plates (pictured right) for sale in Florentine shop Sbigoli Terrecotte. Along with plump pomegranate kernels and emerald green hills dotted with Cyprus trees, the scene is one of many traditional Tuscan designs revived and replicated by Antonella Cini and her daughter.

Lured by light: exploring Venice in Tintoretto's footsteps

EYES greedily fixed on leftovers from the night before, seagulls swoop along narrow, brick-walled canals, their wings casting monstrous shadows as dawn begins to break. Reflected in the water, golden prows of gondolas look doubly resplendent and a gentle glow illuminates halos crowning marble saints bowing from church facades.

Shooting of polar bear at stark odds with peacefulness of Svalbard

WHEN a polar bear was shot dead in Svalbard at the end of last month, the incident sent ripples of sadness and anger around the world. Not only had we lost a member of an already endangered species – the incident, however accidental, occured as a direct result of tourism activity.