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Opinion: Eve Livingston: Will coronavirus force us to reckon with class?

Who do you think of when you think of the working class? A factory worker, perhaps, or a manual labourer. Maybe the phrase evokes images of miners and shipbuilders and dockyard; of black and white footage of picket lines and marches. It’s likely the people in your mind’s eye are men. It’s likely that most of them are white.

Eve Livingston: After coronavirus, no government can ever again claim poverty is inevitable

This week, the UK’s Conservative-run government pledged the biggest employment support package in the nation’s history: state-funded grants to cover 80 per cent of each worker’s salary, up to the value of £2,500 per month. Dubbed the coronavirus job retention scheme, the payments will last until at least March and will be extended as long as is necessary. Announcing the measures, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said there was no limit to the amount of money that would be paid out.

Eve Livingston: Women can transform trade union movement – for everyone's benefit

AT the first union branch meeting I attended, the male chair made a joke about woman drivers and everybody laughed. It came after a female member had hovered politely by the tea and coffee table making sure everyone was adequately refreshed, and after it was assumed that another was there to take notes rather than to participate in the meeting. Cast any images of the 1970s out of your head: this was the 2010s.