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Comment The year of Brexit: How the UK went kaput

A WIND blew from the sea, and it blew the roof off the old lodging-house we call the United Kingdom. As the year of 2018 shuddered to its end, the walls were still standing but everyone could see into the building. And what the world saw was decay.

Exclusive REVIEW: Common Weal's indy guide is a smart book imbued with quiet optimism

THIS book isn’t a plea for Scottish independence. There have been plenty of those, and there will be plenty more. Neither is it a vision of “what sort of Scotland do we want?” Since the 2014 campaign, that has become reasonably clear; an internationalist country with a social-democratic outlook and a European-style welfare state. The importance of Common Weal’s How To Start a New Country is that it takes the discussion a whole stage further. It assumes that this new country is coming – and lays out the work we have to do to launch it.