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The Long Read Alistair Heather: There will be rapists in Scottish football until the culture changes

DAVID Goodwillie won’t be the only rapist playing in the SPFL. Violence against women, and indeed sexual violence, is a commonplace. I’m sure at every level in the Scottish football pyramid, men who have committed sexual assaults, pressured or coerced women into sex, maybe obtaining tokenistic consent, maybe not, will run up and down pitches taking the jeers and cheers of loyal supporters every week. The reporting rate is low, and the conviction rate lamentable.

Comment We maun be spreidin the visitors oot o Embra

THE skinklan lichts o the Embra Christmas Mercat were at last slockit last week, aifter a stooshie-surrondit seeven-week installment in the hairt o the capital. The mercat wis aye thrang tae the last, but it an its Embra’s Hogmanay pairtner festival baith hae tane major pelters owre the overcroodin an claims that oor capital has tint its soul in its search fir siller. Is it time, fowk speired, tae reduce tourism an turn the city back owre tae the citizens?