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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has declared that indyref2 should take place before 2021 – and Scotland’s only pro-independence newspaper is going into campaign mode. We need to make sure we’re in as strong a position as possible to influence the national debate – and here’s how you can help.

We want to achieve 10,000 subscribers as quickly as possible – and for every 1000 that we sign up we will pledge to invest in the paper and boost the campaign for independence.

We have already hit our first target of 6000 subscribers in print and digital – and our total is growing fast. Here’s what we’ll commit to launching when we hit our ambitious targets.

6000 subscribers

We will produce a new series of monthly supplements targeted at No voters

The National: above 6000

Building on the success of our landmark publication of the full McCrone Report earlier this year, we will work with experts to produce a fact-based supplement every month about the case for independence which Yes groups and individual readers can use to convince No voters.
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7000 subscribers

We will hire a full-time video journalist to produce viral videos for the Yes movement

The National: above 7000

Explainers about politics? Easy to digest short videos about why independence is good for Scotland? We’ll be able to hire a full-time video journalist to create content which will be available for all Yes groups and social media users to share.
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8000 subscribers

We will launch a Unionist fact-checking and rebuttal service

The National: above 8000

We’ll examine dodgy claims by politicians (and the media) and get to the truth to make sure that undecided voters can’t be deceived in any way by “Project Fear II” (you know it’s coming…)
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9000 subscribers

We will hire a digital journalist to work with Yes groups on local stories

The National: above 9000

We all know that the best way to convert voters to independence is to focus on issues which matter the most to them. As a national newspaper, we’re often focused on the big issues – but we’d love to employ a journalist who can work with Yes groups to create articles with a local focus. This could be “10 reasons to vote for independence if you live in Aberdeenshire” (for example).
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10,000 subscribers

We will deliver a free glossy magazine outlining the benefits of independence to every town in Scotland

The National: abve 10000

To celebrate reaching this milestone, we commit to producing a one-off glossy magazine about the positive case for independence, printing 100,000 copies and delivering them to every town in Scotland. This will be an invaluable resource as we gear up for the big vote.

Everything we produce for this campaign will be available online after it appears in the paper for Yes Groups to print off and distribute.

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