NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-un has called for more weapons tests targeting the Pacific Ocean, a day after his nation for the first time flew a ballistic missile designed to carry a nuclear payload over Japan.

Kim was present for the intermediate range missile launch over Japan, according to the country’s official news agency, and he expressed “great satisfaction” over the launch which he called a “meaningful prelude” to containing Guam, which is home to key US military bases.

He said it is “necessary to positively push forward the work for putting the strategic force on a modern basis by conducting more ballistic rocket launching drills with the Pacific as a target in the future”.

US President Donald Trump has since responded on Twitter, saying that “talking is not the answer” when it comes to North Korea.

He added that the United States had paid the county what he described as “extortion money” for 25 years.

North Korea has, in the past, temporarily halted nuclear development when the US and others provided food aid or other types of compensation.

But the North has not been making such demands, at least publicly, since Trump took office.

The message appears at odds with his secretary of state. Rex Tillerson has been softening the conditions for a possible dialogue with North Korea.