AS the great John and Paul once sang, money can’t buy you love.

It was a sentiment echoed by Celtic defender Mikael Lustig as he offered a word of advice to the most expensive player in the world – and the most hated one in Glasgow.

Neymar, the £200 million superstar, was the pantomime villain at Celtic Park on Tuesday during PSG’s 5-0 Champions League thrashing. After being booed throughout the game as well as treating the crowd to his usual theatrics, he capped his goal-scoring night by refusing to shake the hand of Anthony Ralston, the 18-year-old European debutant he ran ragged for 90 minutes.

While some of his play was a footballing masterclass, the man who moved out of Lionel Messi’s shadow in Barcelona and into the Parisian spotlight of the summer still divides opinion over those who adore his talent but take issue with the other facets of his game.

And Lustig, who has gone up against the Brazilian more than once during his time at Celtic, gave his own thoughts about what Neymar should be doing if he wants to be universally loved.

“It was the same as usual from Neymar. He is an unbelievable footballer but we have seen the other stuff before and we will see it again,” said the Swede. “I have said before that it’s part of his game.

“He tries to over-react a bit to make the defender step off. We are going to see it again. He’s up there with the best already – he’s so sharp and is an amazing footballer.

“But if he wants to be liked as much as Messi, maybe he needs to stop that.”

One would probably be considered optimistic if they thought Mr Jr would take much notice of this. At last he is in his happy place.

Plucked from Santos by Barcelona in 2013, Neymar was thrust into what is possibly the greatest ever to play the game with the likes of Messi, Andres Iniesta, Xavi and Luis Suarez. In this team of idles, Neymar had to settle for being part of a front three that, for as much as they had Suarez at its apex, truly revolved around the little Argentinian No 10 playing just on the right side.

In Paris, though, it’s a different for story. There PSG have given Neymar the platform to be the star of the show, allowing his ego to swell almost as much as his bank balance. The team around him aren’t that bad either.

“Neymar is probably the toughest opponent in the world right now but Tony did well,” said Lustig of young Ralston’s performance at right back.

“If you spend a lot of money, it is no shock that you will have a team like that. But we were poor in the first half. We didn’t look like ourselves.

“In the second half we were a bit better but they are on a different level. Is it impossible to bridge that gap? You need to have a bit of luck with the chances you get. You need to keep a clean sheet for as long as possible too but I don’t know.

“We knew we were up against a very good side. They have world-class players in every position.

“They are probably better than Barcelona last year. They have no weak links. Every single player is unbelievable on the ball. We probably created a few more chances against them than we did against Barcelona – but they are an amazing team.”