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Letters I: Large SNP majority can benefit the Green Party

The Scottish Greens have been warned that they risk splitting the pro-independence vote in marginal seats

WHILE I find much of the Green Party’s principles and aims very much in tune with my own thinking, as a party with the long-term goal of building a cleaner and more sustainable world, I do hope that, in the Theresa May power-grab election, Green Party…

12:00am Thursday 27 April 2017

Pensions aren't safe under the Tories – Theresa May refuses to back triple lock after being put on the spot at PMQs

Theresa May said pensioners were better off now under the Tories

THERESA May has refused to guarantee that the “triple lock” on pensions will continue after being pressed on the matter by Angus Robertson in the final session of Prime Minister’s Questions before the snap General Election.

12:00am Thursday 27 April 2017

Letters II: Shameless display as May stands by her expenses probe MPs

Paying the fine: Theresa May

I HAVE to confess I have been very shocked by the failure of most mainstream media to address the question of the Conservative Party’s alleged election expenses misdemeanours (I am being rather cautious as I cannot afford an costly legal challenge!)…

12:00am Tuesday 25 April 2017

Going Local: New party emerges to carry on the left-wing tradition in West Dunbartonshire

West Dunbartonshire was one of the four areas in Scotland that voted Yes in the 2014 referendum

PART of it was once known as Little Moscow when it was one of the first areas in the UK to elect a communist councillor, and now West Dunbartonshire is seeing the first foray onto the ballot paper of Scotland’s newest leftist political party.

12:00am Wednesday 26 April 2017

Letters II: Let us never forget our three neighbours are our closest friends

Trade between Scotland and the rUK is a two-way street

WITH reference to your article about trade (Think tank’s trade study triggers row (The National, April 21), we must keep this UK Government-commissioned research in perspective.

12:00am Saturday 22 April 2017

Letters II: The General Election campaign is already ignoring crucial issues

Silent on policy: Theresa May

THERESA May and the Unionist media have made this General Election campaign about two issues: Brexit and strong leadership.

12:00am Wednesday 26 April 2017

Michael Fry: Voting Tory in the General Election will consign Scotland to the sticks

The Tory Party will always choose England's interests over Scotland's

DON’T be part of the 33 per cent! That is my message to all those who, like me, are of a conservative disposition but in the last ten or 20 years have got out of the habit of voting Tory.

12:00am Tuesday 25 April 2017

Letters I: The anti-SNP vote should be careful what it wishes for

Jeremy Corbyn has rejected the idea of an alliance with the SNP

JEREMY Corbyn has ruled out forming an alliance government with the SNP should the Tories not have their predicted overall majority in Westminster after the General Election (Nicola Sturgeon: Tory attempt to block indyref2 will ‘crumble to dust’ if…

12:00am Friday 21 April 2017

Letters II: SNP should fight the election on gaining direct indy mandate

Edward Longshanks: Like Theresa May

I WRITE in support of Dr Jim Walker (Letters, The National, April 20) and his call for the SNP leadership to consider a change in strategy for the forthcoming General Election.

12:00am Friday 21 April 2017

Carolyn Leckie: A ring-fenced tax pot for our NHS could win over older voters to Yes

Carolyn Leckie: A ring-fenced tax pot for our NHS could win over older voters to Yes

WELL, that was me telt! My column last week on the difficulties of shifting the older generations towards independence stirred up a bit of stushie. And although many comments in The National and on social media expressed support for my views, it…

12:00am Monday 10 April 2017
Stories 1 to 10 of 1,064
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