WALES’S First Minister has called on the UK Government to give Cardiff the power set its own quota for EU migrants if numbers are restricted after Brexit.

Carwyn Jones told BBC Radio Wales a Welsh quota was “not his first preference”, but would be necessary if the UK Government introduced its own quotas based on sectors of the economy.

“It sounds unusual, but it does happen in other countries. It happens in Canada, for example – where they have, as they put it, regional quotas.”

“We could find ourselves in a situation where we can’t recruit doctors because of an artificial quota. We need to make sure, if that’s what they want to do, that we are able to recruit the people we need for the Welsh economy.”

The Welsh Tories told the Labour administration to leave it to David Davis to sort out.

A spokesman said the First Minister “must not forget that his day job is about making sure that public services run smoothly and, instead of obsessing over areas which are not devolved, we would prefer to see him working on bringing waiting times down and improving exam results.”