Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It, Channel 4, 8pm

IF you’re unhappy with your house, should you sell up and find somewhere new or renovate it to better meet your needs? Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer meet more homeowners wrestling with that dilemma, beginning with Steven and Mhairi from Stenhousemuir, who don’t like their property’s layout even though they only bought it a year ago. Kirstie produces a plan that revolutionises the whole house, while Phil tries to find them a home that’s a short throw away from their beloved cricket club.

Tom Kerridge’s Lose Weight For Good, BBC 2, 8pm

IN this new series, chef Tom Kerridge recruits and mentors a group of struggling dieters. After losing more than 12 stone himself through a mix of diet and exercise, Tom uses his own experiences to help the 13 dieters reduce their calorie intake, showing how they can make simple, low-calorie dishes. Meeting the group for the first time, Tom lays out what they can expect from their weight-loss journey, and begins with tackling comfort eating, a problem with which many of the group struggle.

Miriam’s Big American Adventure, BBC1, 10.45pm

MIRIAM Margolyes is no stranger to America, having lived in LA for 16 years. While there, the actress saw the US as a liberal and welcoming country that she came to love. But then 2016 happened, leaving her wondering if she really knew it at all. In this three-part series she travels from Chicago to New Orleans, immersing herself in the life of middle America. She starts in Illinois, where ex-Playboy bunny Candace Jordan talks her into a makeover. She also visits Chicago’s troubled south side and talks to former gang member SP, who cannot leave the area for fear of being shot.

20 Kids and Counting, Channel 4, 9pm

THIS documentary follows Britain’s biggest family, the Radfords, as Sue and Noel prepare for the arrival of baby number 20. Since having a stillborn baby boy three years ago Sue’s health is increasingly at risk through pregnancy and birth, and, at the age of 42, she’s being kept under close supervision by doctors. Meanwhile, in a bid to bring the family together for quality bonding time, the couple plan a surprise trip to Florida, a well-needed break for all from the relentless noise and chaos in their busy household.