THE SNP's Westminster leader as called on the 13 Scottish Tory MPs to stop acting as "lobby fodder" for Theresa May in the new year.

Ian Blackford said the Tories must start "standing up for the people of Scotland" in 2018.

The MP said the recent example of the Scottish Tories failing to rebel against the UK government’s attempts at a hard Brexit proved his point.

Blackford said: “The Tories – and especially the Scottish MPs – cannot and must not continue to let Scotland down. 2018 must be the year that they finally listen to, and act on what the people of Scotland want.

"Time after time the Scottish Tories have talked the talk but consistently fail to walk the walk.

“Their inaction at Westminster must be deeply disappointing for those who entrusted them with support. As a bloc of MPs they have voted against Scottish interests and have become lobby fodder for Mrs May.

“In their votes on the EU Withdrawal Bill they failed the devolved administrations and ignored the devolution settlements. They let the people of Scotland down.

“The Scottish Tories had a chance to protect devolution but instead chose to side with the hard Brexiteers. The EU Withdrawal Bill, as it stands, drives a coach and horses through the founding principles of devolution and represents a complete betrayal of promises made during the EU referendum.

“So far the Scottish Tories have shown what they're good for – and that's absolutely nothing. They can – however – turn a corner in 2018 and start to stand up for the people of Scotland.”