AS MPs return from yet another recess and Prime Minister’s Questions takes its normal slot on a Wednesday, there was similarity to the first PMQs after the summer recess: Universal Credits being back on the agenda (Disbelief as May insists Universal Credit is working, The National, Oct 12).

Try as she might the PM Theresa May was unable to defend her government’s policy on welfare. Analysis followed on Radio 4 when Conservative MP Liz Truss admitted the policy was leaving people in financial crisis, but went on to say things were now being sorted at local job centres. So are the Conservatives listening? I refer Ms Truss to the Conservative Government’s announcement in July 2017 that ten job centres across Scotland (six in Glasgow) were to close! The Conservatives in action, at their heartless best.
Catriona C Clark
Banknock, Falkirk

INSISTING Universal Credit is working doesn’t surprise me from the party intent on causing real, long term harm to the country they supposedly love via Brexit. Their bloody-mindedness has no limits. Not that Corbyn’s Labour Party has a solution to either.
Jill Davies