LOOK at this lovely picture of some tall ships.

Unfortunately it’s probably the closest anyone in Scotland is going to get to the schooners any time soon, with Aberdeen City Council likely to cancel a bid to hold the Tall Ships Race in 2022.

The council’s finance committee had agreed to set aside £500,000 every year for the next four years in order to be able to hold the regatta.

But now officials in the North East believe the scheme is “not viable” after the city’s Harbour Board said they were unable to support the plans.

Last year the board announced a £350m expansion of harbour to provide a facility for oil industry decommissioning work, which is due to be completed in 2020.

Other improvements included in the expansion are aimed at attracting cruise ships to the port.

In her report to councillors Aberdeen’s promotions and events manager, Dawn Schultz, said changes to the harbour meant it was unlikely.

She wrote: “Quaysides and cargo sheds previously used to accommodate Tall Ships are now leased to third parties.

“Interruption to business, and loss of revenue, represented by the Tall Ships is significant and the 2022 date would be at a critical point in terms of efforts to secure business for the new south harbour.”

Opposition politician Ian Yuill said someone should probably have asked the harbour first.

The city has twice hosted the Tall Ships race, most recently in 1997 when half a million visitors flocked to the city, boosting the economy by £13m.