IF I was going to preview something from Channel 4 on a Wednesday night then surely it would be Fargo? Every series has utterly gripped me, but this one? No. The others had a certain devilish vigour which the current one lacks.

But thankfully Channel 4 has another unmissable programme on its Wednesday schedule: the utterly silly, but very funny, Windsors.

It’s a sitcom which mocks the Royal Family but, just in case you were getting bored of seeing posh people, the show has introduced Meghan Markle and Theresa May. If you didn’t see last week’s episode where a furious Camilla and a foul-mouthed May had a bloody martial arts fight in front of some Chinese diplomats then get on to catch-up TV right now.

Even so it was Eugenie and Beatrice – with fascinators balanced on their empty, little heads – who stole the show.

This week Harry opens a nightclub and gets Kate to DJ. Will she have the crowd jumpin’ to God Save The Queen?

I’M sure Joanna could visit Chernobyl and make it all seem fragrant and enchanting. Luckily for her, she needn’t put in such a valiant effort as India is indeed fragrant and enchanting. The fact that it also contains appalling poverty and sexual violence doesn’t overly trouble Lumley in this new series, but why should it? She doesn’t pretend to be a fearless campaigner or journalist here. She’s just a charming guide to some exotic and sumptuous parts of the country.

This week she visits the “colossus” of Mumbai, a city of 22 million, where she takes a brief peek at the slums before climbing a skyscraper being built for the city’s wealthy, which will become “a big fat column of billionaires”.

Then she travels up through Rajasthan to visit ornate palaces and temples carved into the caves.