TWO senior SNP MPs are casting doubt on Theresa May clinging to power for much longer — Ian Blackford, the SNP’s new Westminster leader, said that not only were the Tory knives out, “but they have been sharpened to an extraordinary extent”.

Edinburgh East MP Tommy Sheppard added: “Last week she was a dead woman walking. Now she is one step closer to the grave.”

Their comments came as the Prime Minister prepared to start talks today with European leaders on Brexit.

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Blackford exclusively told The National: “She has made herself a laughing stock. She called an election — talk about hubris — with her expectation of a landslide and she’d had a bloody nose.

“We’re now in a situation that rather than being strong and stable we have no government, and they’re having to run around to see if they can stitch together a deal with the DUP. The [Brexit] talks start today but who’s in charge? It’s not clear that we have a government with any degree of sense of purpose and it’s clear there is no majority for hard Brexit.

“Not only are the knives out but they have been sharpened to an extraordinary extent and I’m not so sure Theresa May’s going to be office — never mind in power — for very much longer.”

He said May should pause the talks until she consulted with the devolved administrations and the UK Government to try to reach a consensus.

Sheppard said May had been “badly damaged” by her response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

“You can’t be a political leader unless you can demonstrate empathy.

“There’s a big hole where her empathy and understanding ought to be.”