A LEADING Scottish Muslim has made a plea for people not to take the law into their own hands following the terror attacks in London and Manchester.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community around the world has condemned the attack on London Bridge, which saw seven people – and three extremists – die.

Ahmed Owusu-Konadu, a spokesperson for the community in Glasgow, told The National: “As a Muslim you wouldn’t want someone to hijack your true faith in such a way which is not actually in conforming to the teachings of Islam, especially when people are not aware of the teachings they might get it wrong and think that it is real or true Islam.

“The teachings of the holy Koran are quite clear that no-one is allowed to take anyone’s life.

“If you take an innocent person’s life it is like you’ve killed the whole of mankind.”

Owusu-Konadu was speaking after a press release from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was distributed on social media.

“Someone came out in response to say ‘release all the extremists and suicide bombers in your mosque’,”

he said.

“You always have some people in the community who are not fully aware of the true teachings and some who take the law into their own hands in a way which is not the right way.

“I just tweeted back that they may have to learn the history of the Ahmadiyya Community – we are in 209 countries around the world with tens of millions of believers.

“Not once since its inception 125 years ago has an extremist come out of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community because of its teachings and the guidance from our spiritual head.”

Owusu-Konadu added: “It’s not just Islam – no religion would condone what we’ve seen in Manchester and London.

“Everyone has to understand that this is not religion or humanity and we all need to stand against it.

“It’s not just the job of the Muslims – everyone has a responsibility to make sure such people are brought to book by society and the law.”

Owusu-Konadu said those responsible for the attacks were sowing “the seeds of hatred and division”, but added that they would not succeed.

“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Commun- ity unequivocally condemns in the strongest possible terms Saturday’s terrorist attack in London. All acts of terrorism and extremism are vile criminal acts that are completely unjustifiable.

“This latest attack follows the horrific attacks at Westminster Bridge and the suicide bombing in Manchester and it is clear that such murderers are bent on sowing the seeds of hatred and division. As before they will not succeed because we will all unite against such bad practices.

“Such acts find no hiding place in Islam for it rejects extremism and terrorism in any form or shape and for any reason.

“We will continue to stand united against extremism and work with all who seek peace to defeat this ideology of hate.”