TOMMY Sheridan’s Solidarity are on the verge of collapsing after more than half of the party’s candidates for May’s election resigned. Twelve senior members, including nine candidates, have now left with more expected over the weekend. Those resigning include long-term Sheridan supporter Joyce Drummond.

The National also understand that Solidarity Co-convenor Rosemary Byrne is also set to resign. Byrne was an MSP with Sheridan in the Scottish Socialist Party, and testified against her former colleagues in his trial against the News of the World.

Those resigning have said they’re leaving because the party has ignored repeated complaints of bullying and harassment by one of its most senior members.

Two of the candidates who have resigned have told The National that the senior member is John Park, the National Secretary of Solidarity, and a list candidate in Glasgow.

Members with complaints against Park have been asked to hold off until after the election.

Solidarity members recently insisted on establishing formal grievance procedures which were approved at the party’s national conference.

One source told The National: “No matter how much anybody complains this guy seems to rise up the party. Everyone pinned their hopes on [the grievance procedures] putting him in his place, but the worse he behaves, the further up the party he gets. I’m dead, dead angry, he seems to have broke our party.

“All the good people are leaving and he’s still there.”

They added: “Nobody understands why Tommy is standing by him.”

Other candidates known to have resigned include Anne Grindlay and Jimi McRae from the Lothians list, Edith Steel and Rebecca Yagci from the Central Scotland list, and official Jim Walls, and Glasgow organiser Nicola Stevens.

Drummond, who is also a candidate, was also a defence witness in Sheridan’s 2010 trial for perjury, telling the court that the SSP “were out to get” Sheridan.

A spokesman for Solidarity said: “Solidarity has been experiencing a flood of new members over the past few months, since the general election in September 2015.

“This inevitably brings with it problems as we adapt to new circumstances.

“It is always regrettable to lose members at any time but we wish all past members of Solidarity well and we trust they will each continue the struggle for equality and Scottish independence in their own way.

“We remain committed to the goal of winning list seats in each of the 8 regions in the Scottish Parliament on May 5th and our first order of business will be to introduce a Bill within 3 months, calling for a second independence referendum by 2018. Then we will focus on fighting for Tommy Sheridan’s Scottish Service Tax – an income-based alternative to the unfair, regressive Council Tax – first tabled in the Scottish Parliament as a Private Member’s Bill by Tommy Sheridan in 2006. Then we will concentrate on campaigning to fulfil the rest of our manifesto.”

John Park did not respond to repeated requests for a comment.

Sheridan was a Glasgow list MSP from 1999 to 2007, first for the Scottish Socialist Party and then, after the fall out over his trial against the News of the World, for Solidarity.

During the referendum Nicola Sturgeon ruled out sharing a platform with him, saying “women in particular” found it hard to forget his behaviour.