Some of Glasgow’s most famous buildings could be immortalised in Lego, if demand is high enough.

The University of Glasgow, the Finnieston Crane and the Gallery of Modern Art, complete Duke of Wellington and cone have been created by local Lego fan Peter Johnston.

Johnston has uploaded pictures of his design to the Lego Ideas website, if he gets 10,000 likes over the course of the next year, then the review board at the toy brick company consider turning his work into an actual product. In the two days since he posted the proposals Johnston has garnered 88 likes.

On the page, Johnston says he wants to allow Lego fans to, “take a trip through the architectural sights of the lovely city of Glasgow.”

Included in his 48cm long set are a typical tenement flat, the University of Glasgow, Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Finnieston Crane, the Squinty Bridge and the Glasgow Science Centre Tower measuring 9cm tall.

See more pictures and back his proposal here.