BREWDOG has released more than 200 of its beer recipes to encourage more people to try home brewing.

The craft beer company was founded by James Watt and Martin Dickie in Aberdeenshire in 2007 as a response to the ‘’"stuffy ales’’ that dominated the drinks market.

They now want to inspire more people to make their own brews and have made all of their 215 recipes available for download on the BrewDog website.

Titled DIY Dog, the free download includes a manual on equipment and ingredients needed for each beer – and suggests food pairings for each one.

Recipes for beers such as the original Punk IPA – one of the best-selling craft beers in the UK – through to BrewDog’s latest creation, Jet Black Heart, are sure to be popular.

Each recipe has been scaled down to home-brew volumes of five gallons or 20 litres to make them user-friendly.

BrewDog said the instructions are “the keys to our kingdom” but the owners want people to copy and adapt the recipes.

Run through a crowd-funding scheme, the company now employs more than 350 people and has bars in Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Gothenburg.

It was recently named the UK’s fastest-growing food and drink company by the Sunday Times Fast Track 100.

Co-founder Mr Watt said: “Many of the classic BrewDog beers were developed during our homebrewing days and we still use a homebrewing 50L system to develop new beers and recipes.

“We have always loved the sharing of knowledge, expertise and passion in the craft beer community, and we wanted to take that spirit of collaboration to the next level with DIY Dog.

“The more people that home-brew, the more craft breweries will pop up and help us in the fight against global mega beer corporations, making the future brighter for craft beer.”