THOUSANDS of nationalists across Scotland are being bombarded with shocking pornographic images sent to their Facebook pages in a mass cyber attack.

Supporters linked to the SNP, pro-independence or Yes campaign are being targeted by hackers who are posting porn on their timelines and tagging them on to “disgusting” videos and photos of sex, incest and masturbation.

Innocent people are being tricked into opening these dodgy porn links after receiving messages purporting to be from Facebook friends informing them that they have been tagged on a photo or video.

When unwitting victims open these messages they are faced with sickening pornographic material, and when a link is clicked, the images are dispersed to the user’s friends and family without them knowing.

One grandmother said every day she wakes up to yet another horror image on her Facebook after being sent messages telling her she has been tagged on porn and others have opened their pages to find shocking images on their timelines.

This is causing anger and upset among Facebook users because the recipients of these images presume it has come directly from someone on their friends list and are initially unaware their account has been hacked.

The National spoke to countless victims yesterday who insisted that Facebook had done nothing to rectify the situation after they reported the incidents.

However, Facebook is now fully investigating the matter after we gave them details of the extent of the cyber attack.

SNP member Tracy Scott, 48, from Glasgow, fears the images could be seen by her grandchildren and said she was angry that Facebook had ignored their reports of hacking.

Scott said: “When you open the message that says you’ve been tagged you can plainly see it is a porn video of people having sex.

“One of the images had below it saying ‘stepdad’s having sex with his daughter’ but thankfully I didn’t open the link.

“Every morning I’ve been waking up to these messages.

“Lots of my friends are getting them as well and they are all starting to crack up about it.

“It’s every single day they are getting tagged on porn.

“I just untagged myself straight away because I don’t want my friends thinking that I’m watching porn when I’m absolutely not because it shows up on your Facebook account.

“People have been deleting each other on Facebook because of it because they think that it’s you that is spreading it.

“As soon as you open the link it spreads like wildfire right through your friends and they get sent messages from you that they have been tagged on a photo or video. A lot of people have got their children and grandchildren on Facebook so the last thing you want is your grandchildren to see something like that on your account or be sent any of the material. It is disgusting.

“Lots of my friends on Facebook have been reporting it but they claim these images don’t go against their rules and that it is not something they think should not be shown on Facebook, where to me if children at 12 years old are allowed to join Facebook then that should not be allowed. It is not on, they need to take urgent action to get this sorted out.

Former digital manager Cameron Edwards, 43, originally from Greenock, now living in North Wales, who has been an SNP member since he was old enough to vote, said many people will have no idea how to deal with the messages and will panic.

When he opened his message he quickly realised it was porn and deleted his name from the image and did not click on the link because he knew what would happen.

He said: “I am one of hundreds it seems. I recognised the porn thing as soon as it came through. I knew it wasn’t from any FB friends so I just hit the detag button and removed myself rather than clicking on it but not everyone is up on what to do and what not to do.

Edwards added: “Most people would just open the picture up if they thought it was from a friend.

“It seems quite specific and malicious and deliberately targeted towards SNP members or pro-Yes supporters.”