Vera (STV, 8pm)
MOST of us probably have a secret or two, but the people featured in the latest episode of the crime drama will seemingly go to extreme length to keep the truth hidden — perhaps even murder. No doubt DCI Vera Stanhope will pursue the facts until they all come out, and we’re expecting there to be some whoppers to reveal before the end credits roll. Vera and Aidan are investigating the murder of local woman Faye Wakeland, who was killed in an elaborate plot involving a staged car crash. Vera thinks her death may be linked to a recent suicide, but those who knew Faye — a popular figure in her community — seem reluctant to discuss the matter.

McMafia (BBC One, 9pm)
BENNY uncovers information about a shipment of heroin being smuggled from Pakistan into India. He does not realise Dilly is spying on him, and after a robbery, gains all the information he needs to pull off a heist — however Semiyon warns that it is Alex’s decision whether the operation goes ahead. Karin is suspicious about the fund Alex is using to move Semiyon’s money around, while Rebecca becomes concerned when she discovers Alex has a secret second phone. In Prague, Vadim resolves to find out who Benes is in league with.