WHAT a strangely powerful series this is. When I watched the first episode I was laughing, crying, and felt deeply inspired, and tonight’s episode struck me full of quiet amazement. All of these emotions can be found in this brilliant wee programme.

My amazement was at Kerie, a woman from Ireland who has been blind all her life. In common with every other participant in this series, she is keen to get a job and prove that her disability doesn’t prevent her being a productive member of society.

When she couldn’t get work in Ireland she left home, alone, and moved to Britain. Taking such bold steps while you’re alone, unemployed and blind just staggered me. But will employers see this tremendous courage, or just focus on the disability? We also follow Daniel’s job search. He was in an accident and awoke from his coma to learn his legs had been amputated. Since then he has sent out 800 job applications with no luck at all.


THIS series shows how a civilisation can collapse in a matter of hours, looking at when the Spanish overthrew an ancient city in 1510, enslaving their people, dismantling their buildings, and planting a church on top of the ruins.

That church wasn’t simply a place to worship but was a symbol of Spanish power, and this episode looks at how art, beauty and architecture have been used throughout Mexican history to transmit authority and strength.

Murals had a particular place in Mexican history, being accessible to the public and able to tell “stories in epic scope.” This was “a vision everyone could share” and their locations were as important as their message. Tonight’s programme looks especially at Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo.