THIS documentary tell us of “the lost history of a great Scottish prince and the greatest king we never had”.

Henry Frederick Stuart was born in Stirling Castle in 1594 and had all the wealth, schooling, power and title a prospective monarch could desire, but he vanished from the history books and very few people now remember him. So what happened?

The Reformation was over but Scotland was still in turmoil, with many of her Catholics still wishing for the old ways to return.

The young prince was fostered out, as was the tradition for royal babies, but his “heartbroken, grieving” mother hated this practice and a damaging split arose in the family.

Paul Murton visits Stirling Castle to unravel the tangled family relationships, and the troubled links with the Tudor Queen Elizabeth and her court, to show the fate of Scotland’s forgotten prince.


THIS is the final episode in this lurid, entertaining, and very unsettling series which has told Trump’s life story thus far. I say “thus far” as I assume this oddball will not be slipping quietly into retirement. I think he has far more horror up his sleeve for us – although I’m quite willing to forgive him anything as long as he serves his term without starting a war.

The final episode tells the Trump story from the millennium onwards, taking in his career as a reality TV star. If Donald was becoming a joke to many people, a symbol of spoiled entitlement and greed, he did improve his standing by taking on The Apprentice. The show was, and still is, a tremendous hit.

Sadly, he wouldn’t settle for TV stardom, and seemed to want even more attention and media time, and decided to find it from politics where he has become the ultimate, and most worrying, boss.