THIS is the second series of the drama about a police safe house, but it returns with a new cast and story.

Stephen Moyer plays Tom, an ex-cop. He runs a huge, isolated safe house which is both a hide-out for victims and witnesses, but also a holiday home which offers sailing trips, and perhaps pony rides…

Tom’s blissful countryside existence is upset when he receives news that a woman has been abducted from her home, and her husband tied up and forced to watch the ordeal. Tom is convinced this is the work of a notorious killer called Crow, but his colleagues dismiss this theory: Crow is safely in jail, but Tom suspects the jailed man is not the real Crow.

With the woman’s husband and daughter in danger from the mysterious Crow (though if he wanted to bump them off, why didn’t he do it when he was abducting mummy?), they are moved into Tom’s safe house, and fears abound that Crow is on the loose.


THIS new series kicks off with an episode called Shark People of the South Pacific, which sounds exactly like a deliciously old-fashioned adventure story.

In this new series, Gordon Buchanan will live with three tribes to see how they interact with predators so we might see “the animals we fear most” from a new angle.

Tonight he is on the Solomon Islands, thousands of miles off the coast of Australia. He wants to see “whether it’s possible to live with sharks”, as the islanders seem to manage it quite well.

His initial welcome on the island is terrifying. Men leap and scream, brandishing spears, in “a reminder of their headhunting history”. They yell, “Who told you to come? I don’t know what you’ve come for!” and then one politely introduces himself as Willie, and we relax.