AN ENIGMA with the same name as the EPA inspector from the Ghostbusters movie. The late singer from Queen. The Pulitzer prize-winning anthropologist author of The Denial Of Death. Here they are in the same room at the same time, albeit as the title tracks of Glasgow band Outblinker’s monumental new three-track EP (out tomorrow via Stabbed In The Back Records).

Opening track Walter Peck peaks and dies like a warehouse rave then rocks the crossover stage like Prodigy or Pendulum. Farrokh Bulsara (birth name of Freddie Mercury) assembles sounds from the factory floor before storming another electro-rocker.

Ernest Becker comes awake in a horror mansion as notes drip like rain through a broken roof, the prelude to a John Carpenter symphony that’s terrifying in its repetitive build-up.

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This isn’t exactly post-rock or prog-rock or krautrock, although it has elements of each. It’s powerful, exhilarating instrumental music that pummels its way beyond mere genre nametags.