ACCORDING to Michael Wolff in his book about the Trump White House, one of Trump’s aides declared that Trump “could be a halfwit if he applied himself.” The president’s explanation for his decision not to come on a visit to the UK demonstrates this observation appropriately.

Trump claims he is not coming because Obama sold off the old US Embassy far too cheaply. Facts show it was George W Bush who actually decided to build the new embassy. But sadly in Trumpland facts and reality are of no value.

A major factor in Trump’s decision to cancel was that he would have been be greeted by massive protests and demonstrations. The thin-skinned conman clearly could not submit himself to this ordeal.

Trump has clearly decided it just wasn’t worth encountering a show of opposition from vast numbers of people in a foreign country who have nothing but scorn and ridicule for him, and he has postponed his visit indefinitely.

Alan Hinnrichs