KIRSTY Hughes raises the dilemmas behind each format of Brexit along the spectrum from “worst to über-worst”, if you’ll pardon the last coinage (Why aren’t the SNP trying to stop Brexit?, The National, January 9)!

In other words any form of “Brexit” under Theresa May’s erratic government set-up can only have disaster at the outset!

Yet, the SNP are in a strange position. They form the government in Scotland and Scotland voted to remain. Why should they save the Union? Despite the term “Brexit” , it is in reality “Engxit”. So there is perhaps a strategic aim in SNP thinking not to save the UK. The English and Greater England’s “Unionists” north of the Tweed need to accept the consequences of their actions.

The “UK”, aka Greater England, voted to leave so it will have to face the impending disaster. The Greater England “Unionists” will realise that the Westminster set-up will be the cause of their woes and realise Scotland must cease to be an extension of Greater England in which it has no real weight. To rejig the words of Dad’s Army’s song where “Old England” meant GB, perhaps post-Engxit, “Old England” is well and truly done!

John Edgar