THE Whitehouse windbag has once again surpassed himself without the slightest trace of irony, when, in one of his latest tweets trying to discredit the Fire and Fury book, he compares his situation to that of Ronald Reagan.

He says: “Ronald Reagan had the same problem and handled it well, so will I”. Well you didn’t get off to a super smart start then, did you, as the claims about Reagan’s mental health proved correct as he had Alzheimer’s!

His previous tweets where he bragged about how wonderful and “like, smart” he is were indicative of someone who is desperately trying to convince the general public of his genius while using grammar one would expect to see in a teenager’s tweet.

So, as the desperate and the sycophantic among his cabal try to outdo each other with praise for his intellect and his mental stability, the rest of the world looks on in amazement.

Most genuinely intelligent and sane people would simply ignore this book, but oh no, the Tangerine one has perceived it as a slur against him and his well-known fragile ego can not allow this to simply pass. He now starts a series of spiteful and vicious tweets at the author and certain contributors to the book, and this will continue for some considerable time until he feels vindicated.

The only ones who have come to his aid are those whose jackets are on a wobbly peg and who see this as an opportunity to ingratiate themselves with him. It is telling that Saint Theresa feels the need to enter into this debate, where the sensible ones among us stay silent. That is a tactic that this buffoon will never grasp! It will be of considerable interest to see whether he publishes the results of his upcoming medical. Be ready for him bragging about his physical and mental fitness in due course, regardless of the actual results.

He is a fool in a position of power that he should not be in, and one can see the strain showing on him daily, a strain that is set to intensify as the Mueller investigation creeps ever closer to his Oval Office door.

Ade Hegney

WITH the passing of the season of good will to all, Westminster’s media outlets and their Labour, LibDem and Tory acolytes at Holyrood have recommenced serving up the daily diet of distortions, exaggerations, fake news, with the added condiments of denigration of Scotland, of the efforts of the Scottish Government, “SNP bad” etc for the enjoyment and titillation of the champions of the glorious Union.

It is appropriate, in the spirit of fairness and certainly reality, to examine how glorious this Union really is, mindful always that if no account is taken of history, little can be learned, and mindful also of the UK Government’s boasted intentions to serve the “whole of the United Kingdom” on an equitable basis.

Prior to the ministerial reshuffle the UK management team consisted of, including the PM, 27 members of the Cabinet, all but one (a Tory peer) being elected MPs. Of these, 24 represented English constituencies while Scotland and Wales had one each and Northern Ireland none. Of the 24, 15 came from London, the south-east and east England.

It will come as no surprise therefore that no heed was paid to Scottish objection or opposition to, for example, emasculation of Scottish regiments, closure of service bases, poll tax, bedroom tax, benefit sanctioning, PFI, booming costs of Trident or Trident per se, VAT on police/fire services, illegal Iraq war, reduction of promised naval ship contracts, reduction of areas of coastal waters. The claim that 12 new backbench Scottish Tories secured the abandonment of VAT on police/fire services is laughable.

Scotland’s population growth lags well behind that of England, yet control of immigration is still a matter reserved to Westminster.

Westminster claims that the UK is one of the world’s most successful economies. In 2004 the Trussell Trust recorded two food banks in Britain. The latest figure show there are now 424. Personal and national debt figures are the highest since records began.

The Westminster system does not, if it ever did, provide equitable government, and Scotland suffers from the results. The necessity of Scottish independence daily becomes more evident.

John Hamilton