THE English gentleman from Birmingham whom your reader CJ Kerr of Glenrothes met on his Spanish holiday, like many Scots, is very naive in his belief that a Westminster Parliament, dominated by English MPs under a Tory government (a government of ministers who would privatise their granny for a profit and save money by not having the state support her), would subsidise Scotland to the mythical sum of £14 billion a year (The Long Letter, January 5).

England will do to Scotland as it has done to so many of its colonies once they were drained of their resources and no longer of any value to the exchequer. We will be given our independence. Whether we want it or not.

This Union was never one of equal partners. It was always to the benefit of the largest partner with the loudest voice, England.

Scotland, even when the SNP won 56 of the 59 Scottish seats, had no chance of making any real change against a parliament dominated by 530 MPs representing English seats.

N Henderson