THE dialogue over the return of a [blue] British passport brings to mind my thoughts over the coat of arms on the cover (Tories salivate over British passports going back to blue ... but they might be made in France, The National, Sep 11). When I was a youngster in the years that followed the Second World War every citizen in Scotland was issued with a national identity card, the cover having the Scottish coat of arms on the front page. This was abandoned in favour of all UK passport holders having the English one imposed, accepted without challenge, I assume?

If we manage to stay in the European body of nations as an independent country, a simple alteration to our passport would be simple. We should also return to issuing passports for our country from a Scotland-based office, likewise driving licences, with the Saltire replacing the Union flag.

I could list more changes we should pursue on our way to independence, postage stamps with Scottish themes for starters, a new national anthem that is rousing and inspiring, more show of our national flag etc. Why not start a debate from readers?
Jim Barrie