IT’S great to see another example of the generous nature of the people of the Highlands as the Archie Foundation is to provide £100K to create an all-weather play area for children in the – charity-funded – new children’s unit at Raigmore Hospital.

My concern is Highlanders’ largesse may be compromised if they look closely at recent machinations of the board of NHS Highlands in managing an upgrade to the critical care unit and re-location of the York Day Centre.

Highland people were asked to fund the creation of a coronary rehab unit. One million pounds was raised and a state-of-the-art unit, the Highland Heartbeat Centre, created in Raigmore complex. But now NHS Highland needs space in Raigmore so never mind coronary rehabilitation, it can be put “out in the community”!

So, dear Archie Fund subscribers, how soon will it be before the £2m Highland Children’s Unit and its play area fall under the eye of the NHS Highland “Re-purposing” committee? Highlanders are among the most charitable but there may be a case for keeping your hand on your halfpenny if the NHS Highland board is involved.

Ned Larkin