WHAT did you do on Saturday? Go to the football? The cinema?

Well, National reader Ian Waugh from Dumfries was making himself much more useful – he was out going round the doors delivering copies of The National to potential new readers!

Ian got in touch with us after reading our third birthday edition, suggesting he could help us spread the word – so we sent him 100 copies of your newspaper to get into the hands of people who might not be aware of The National but might just become potential readers.

Ian says: “People might be wary of picking-up their first National in a shop and presenting it at the counter, for fear of the reaction they might receive – so they’ll never know what’s inside.

“So – that 3rd birthday gave me the idea of a free ‘sample’ distribution of the paper. Get my hands on a load of Saturday issues, and put them through a different local letter-box – to let people see what’s inside. That might ‘break the ice’ for some, who might then become regular readers.

If something like this voluntary distribution is to continue, it will need sponsorship?”

We know that our readers are our biggest asset – if you want to help us reach new readers, please get in touch with us at community@thenational.scot