BLACK Friday weekend started in the UK today but Scottish shoppers are have opted not to spend as much because it falls too early.

A PwC survey said Scots will spend an estimated £181 compared with £187.55 in 2016 — although this is higher than the £57.73 average in 2015.

The survey makers claim it could be down to the day of the global sales spree coming before some people get paid.

Claire Reid, head of assurance at PwC in Scotland, said: “One issue for Black Friday this year is that it does fall comparatively early this year, before pay day for many consumers.

“This may present a cashflow issue for some shoppers and could result in slightly more muted growth.

“Next year’s figures will show better if this is the start of a trend and Scots are no longer bothering with the perceived early bargains.”

The survey suggests 74 per cent of spending will be carried out online — with only 18 per cent intending to purchase in stores.